Tabea Mathern

Tabea Mathern

Photographer and Visual Artist Tabea Mathern seamlessly integrates photography and moving imagery into the art of building compelling visual narratives. With over a decade of global contributions to a diverse range of artistic, commercial, and editorial projects, she approaches her craft with insatiable curiosity and a profound understanding of the creative process. Tabea's conceptual way of working combines a high level of professionalism with a unique playfulness, which has led her to collaborate with a diverse mix of agencies, brands, and fellow artists. She firmly believes in the power of community, great teamwork and daily learning. 


Tabea loves finding inspiration everywhere. Through her lens, she unveils the intricacies of the world with a dreamlike quality, inviting viewers into a realm where reality and imagination meet. This authentic connection draws her and her partners' audience into a kaleidoscope of whimsy, precision, humour, colours, and a touch of eccentricity.


Tabea's talent for bringing scenes to life, from initial idea and sketch to the final image, greatly enhances the conceptual quality of her work, providing depth and meaning. Adopting a hands-on approach to crafting scenes, she imparts a personal touch to every creation. Additionally, she is passionate about leveraging art and visual storytelling as a catalyst for change, engaging in discussions on crucial topics such as sustainability and equality.

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