Bryan Derballa

Bryan Derballa

Bryan Derballa is a New York-based photographer that splits his time between Brooklyn and the Catskills. He’s been shoot- ing professionally for nearly a dozen years with a wide range of clients over a variety of disciplines. He especially excels in life- style, portrait, and commercial photography, but always has a place in his heart for documentary.

Originally from Asheville, NC, he moved to California to attend UC Berkeley studying English. After school he immersed himself in travel, skateboard- ing, and photography. In 2006, before the ubiquity of social media, he started a photo blog called Lovebryan, which helped to launch his career and that of at least three other artists and friends. After moving to NYC in 2007, He started working with newspapers and culture magazines before falling in with a few fashion companies.

He’s used his time off to learn woodworking and recently finished building a barrel sauna. He’s always excited for the next project.

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