Brooke Shanesy

Brooke Shanesy

Brooke is a still life, beauty and fashion photographer. She utilizes unconventional materials, prominent textures, and dynamic set ups to create a distinctive atmosphere that is unique to her style. 

At a young age, she became infatuated with the technical process of photography after her brother built a darkroom in their basement, quickly falling in love with the magic the camera allows. After convincing her teachers to let her repeat the only photography class her high school offered three times, she went on to earn a degree in commercial photography and never looked back.  

Today, she’s still exhilarated by both the magic and challenge that being on set affords.  Always keeping traditional technique in mind, she’s never afraid to step out of the box and approach her work from an atypical angle.

She finds inspiration in wide open spaces, funky shadows on her daily walks, and crowded museum galleries alike, and never misses a chance to see her favorite musician live.

She believes in the power of a good photograph. Brooke is based in Los Angeles.

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