Now Representing Set Designer & Props Stylist Beth Pakradooni

Set Design & Prop Styling by Beth Pakradooni

I Heart Reps is pleased to announce that we are now representing Set Designer and Props Stylist Beth Pakradooni. 

Beth is an NYC-based artist known for her innovative and creative approach to visual storytelling. She obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts in fibers from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Her work is inspired by vintage interiors and industrial design, which she incorporates into her unique aesthetic. With over a decade of industry experience, Beth is a compassionate, imaginative, and creative partner on any set.

Her body of work encompasses beauty, lifestyle, tabletop food & beverage, set builds, props, still life, and short to long-form video. 

Bringing problem-solving, reason, and logistical skills, she always has a positive outlook on each project—you can feel it! A master in sourcing unique props as well as crafting her own objects or sets, Beth is a maker and delivers a wide range of skills and material knowledge. 

Beth loves hosting dinner parties, making ceramics, and taking her dog Neo on walks. She lives in Brooklyn with her partner and pup, and is available for travel worldwide. 

She is happiest on the beach or flying downhill on a bike.

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