Now Representing Photographer & Director Gabriel Mendoza Weiss

Photographer & Director by Gabriel Mendoza Weiss

Meet Gabriel. A champion of bright and inspiring art, with a color dream pop style that is driven by dynamic poses and saturated hues. A master of unconventional camera angles, Gabriel captures living moments as still and moving images –  imagery that looks as though it might burst into 3D.

The sky has always been one of Gabriel’s muses. “I was obsessed with being in the sky. It all seemed so alluring to me—cutting through clouds at high speeds and always pushing the limit to how high or fast one could navigate it.”

These days, the limitless sensation of rich and blue skies, juxtaposed with vibrant environments, make an appearance throughout his body of work.  He has harnessed this perspective and signature style for client’s such as: Allbirds, Alice and Olivia, UOMA Beauty, Jeffrey Campbell and many more.

With his unique point of view, Gabriel takes subjects and makes them larger than life, boundless and captivating; inviting you into the beauty and hope that a visual world holds. Hint: BIG FEELINGS

His work is sure to pique any viewer's curiosity. Inspiring a festive and welcoming feeling. Mendoza Weiss is a Mexican-American photographer working and residing with his Dalmatian, Boogie, in Los Angeles, California.

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