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Food & Beverage Stylist by Danielle Campbell

We are now representing Danielle Campbell. We’re excited to welcome Danielle to our styling roster.

Danielle is a fresh and bold Food & Beverage Stylist and Chef hailing from California. Her work highlights her love for cheer, laughter, deliciousness and detail.  She marries artistry and flavor intomouthwatering visuals. Always elevating these qualities into her work, she skillfully styles food and drink, giving them a big energy and personality on camera.  

Since she was young, she has always had a penchant for heavenly dishes, lovingly prepared. In 2014, she graduated from culinary school and became a private chef. With her foundation grounded in professional cooking, she grew to enjoy adding experimental and creative aesthetic touches to her meals. In 2017, she began to pursue her career as a stylist.

Today, Danielle’s workflow is driven by the magic and versatility that food and beverage has to offer. Always curious and adaptable she is a bright fixture on every set. She has one of the most stocked fridges on the roster.

Danielle is currently based in Los Angeles, CA.

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