Director's Reel Tropico Photo 2024

Photography & Directing Duo by Tropico Photo

Digging the newest Director’s Reel from @TropicoPhoto! A rad wife and husband creative duo, their work is characterized by thier use of bold colors, dynamic compositions, and a playful approach to their subjects. The work blends elements of contemporary pop culture with a nod to vintage aesthetics, creating an energetic, visually engaging experience that feels both fresh and nostalgic. 

Tropico’s work is a unique blend of artistry and commercial aspects, incorporating whimsical setups and creative scenarios that draw the viewer in. 

Their artistic sensibility is well-suited for a range of projects, from advertising campaigns to editorials and art projects. 

Their new Reel gives us a peak into their imaginative lens and visuals that showcase their art and photography approach.

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