BIG FEELINGS - A Solo Art Show

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Big Feelings is a solo art show of magical proportions by photographer Gabriel Mendoza Weiss

About this event

Big Feelings is a photo series that is a larger-than-life look at human emotions. Everyday people are set against the backdrop of colorful, dreamscape environments. This photo series begs the question, “What’s your Big Feeling?”

Maybe it's…

DESIRE: evoked by two lovers lying in a bed of flowers, in the back of a pickup truck, barreling down an empty dirt road at dusk.

WHIMSY: watching a cowboy lasso a cloud from of the sky.

AWE: envisioning yourself levitating above the LA River, bathed in the midday sun.

REVERIE: witnessing the ethereal image of your pastor, knee-deep in the Rio Grande River, ready to be received by nature’s waters.

BOLDNESS: sparked by a tongue licking a cactus needle.

ALL these feelings and more will be experienced in the Big Feelings exhibition. Come see it for yourself!


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